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About Us

The only leftist Catholic magazine in Poland

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Kontakt Magazine is the only left-wing Catholic magazine in Poland. We believe that our voice is essential for building the engaged Catholic society based on tolerance, beyond religious, political and ideological divisions. We are convinced that bringing together a leftist perspective with Catholic social teaching is crucial for those whose looking for their place in the Church.

Since 2007 we have been inspired by liberation theology and we seek to popularize it, as it is little known in Poland (and often has negative connotations). The core concept of the preferential option for the poor in Catholic social teaching is particularly inspiring for us. We also aim to shed light on the ways in which other groups are excluded. Therefore, we write about the rights of LGBTQ+ people who are discriminated against in Poland, with the acquiescence ÔÇô or even participation ÔÇô of much of the hierarchy of Roman Catholic Church.

We believe that writing in their defence is part of our Christian duty to stand up for the oppressed.

Other topics that we consider important to write about range from the environmental and climate crises, through feminism in the Church, to local development and power structures in Global North and Global South relationships. We have also published in-depth print journal editions on homelessness, education, and democracy, among others.

We also publish texts and interviews with theologians whose thoughts are absent, little known or sometimes even excluded from discussion in Poland, such as James Martin SJ, Jeannine Gramick, Peter C. Phan, Benjamin Forcano, Ivone Gebara, Jon Sobrino, Thia Cooper or Jozef Wissin.

Kontakt Magazine is published by the Club of Catholic Intelligentsia in Warsaw.

We have not received a grant from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for three consecutive years. Although this has changed in 2024, this grant still does not sufficiently support our needs. We also do not want to be dependent on changing political moods. Therefore, we are looking for diverse sources of funding – grants, earmarked funds. Among other things, we have published a series of articles with analyse of the discourse of the Polish Roman Catholic bishops about migration, environment and climate change and LGBTQ+ rights (project funded by the EPIC programme – ÔÇśSupporting Independent Media/Expanding Production of Independent ContentÔÇÖ). We were also able to publish ÔÇśRefugee MemoirsÔÇÖ – thanks to the support of, among others, the Culture Office of the City of Warsaw and the Henryk Wujec Civic Fund. However, we still lack funds for ongoing publishing activities. That is why we are asking for your support.

Our magazine is available online, and we publish a themed paper edition three times a year. Nearly all our editors work on a voluntary basis, and the content on our website is free of charge. Your donation will keep us going and help us grow ÔÇô and preach our leftist Catholic voice more widely. Your money will be spent on editors, authors, translators, illustrators and others who make up Kontakt.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to show your support in writing: kontakt.sekretarz@gmail.com

The most convenient way to support us is by setting standing order titled: „Donation for statutory purposes_Magazyn Kontakt”.

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